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Reduce, re-use – and big news!

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Apologies for the blog silence – to be fair, I think I have a good reason, and that very exciting reason is that I have moved house! So it’s been a busy month and although I have been trying to bear the environment in mind, I haven’t really had time to blog about it. I’ve got a few home made recipes to share for beauty and household products over the next few weeks, but I thought I would just do a little round up of my latest little green steps!


  • I’m lucky that although my home is old (1890s), it has double glazing and a modern boiler fitted but I’m trying to think about energy conservation anyway. I’ve got spotlights throughout, so as the halogen ones fail I have been replacing them with LED versions – these are more expensive to buy, but last up to 10 times as long and according to the calculators I have seen, each bulb can save you up to £10 per year when they are high wattage.
  • I’ve also fitted a thermal door curtain to the back door – the door opens into the living room and although it is modern and well sealed, the glass was a major heat leak. I got it from Dunelm, they sell them online too.
  • My favourite switch has been replacing my disposable cotton pads for cleansing and makeup removal with these washable brushed cotton ones  from LeaveNoTraceLDS on Etsy. They are so soft, absorb less of the product (so more ends up on my face!) and came in lovely little bags to store the used ones in and wash them in too. My bin is emptier, my face feels better and they came packaged in non-plastic packaging, too.
  • One of my motivations to move was to be closer to Little T’s school and to a town so we could be less reliant on the car. When work and weather allows, I walk as much as I can and my diesel usage has already dropped by a third. I’m committed to reducing our car journeys as much as possible.


  • When I moved it was really tempting to rush out and buy lots of brand new stuff. I have invested in a small shed, so I can begin to store stuff in my garden and plant herbs, veggies and bee friendly plants, but I’ve tried to be pretty restrained elsewhere. Partly because I think that often you don’t actually need something, and partly because I want to get vintage or upcycled items where possible so I’m prepared to wait for the right thing.
  • I did have to get a new desk; I work from home a lot and found that my previous desk a) was too long for my office and b) was not great ergonomically, I have had some back issues and needed a better set up. In keeping with the last point, I did some research and bought a simple pin leg desk from TC Industrial vintage.   I am so happy with it – it was made to size for me, and the top is recycled OSB which looks lovely and light and has re-used some tree 🙂


  • I am really not super handy, but I repaired a bobble hat for Little T this month which made her very happy. I’ve also elected to repair rather than replace my dishwasher which unfortunately was broken when I moved in – it needs a new heating element which will be fitted by AR Repair , a local firm. It’s going to cost half the price of a new one too, so I’m pretty happy with that!
  • I also had a beautiful but rickety rocking chair I bought for £25 which if I’m honest desperately needed some TLC I was not qualified to give it! Hitchin based Smitten Furniture came to my rescue and completely repaired, painted and waxed it for a very reasonable price. It’s become a real focus point in my home and I use it every day – it’s nicer than anything I could have bought new.  Gemma also rescues and refurbishes furniture and accessories – take a look at her website to see what beauties she has for sale.

What little green steps have you taken this month? Any tips for homeowners? Let me know in the comments!

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