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Reduce – Dr Bronner’s liquid soap

I love beauty, but a recent move to a smaller home has made me realise quite how much stuff I’d accumulated in pursuit of that interest. Multiple products, some of which with very similar ingredients, all packaged and transported round the world, some of it not ever finished or opened….a bit shocking for something that’s ultimately pretty frivolous.

I pledged to stop buying products until I had actually worked through my stash, but also to try and replace as needed with greener or more ethical options, and to look for ways to get more from the things I do use. Enter Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap!

Dr bronners liquid soap

I’d always been a bit fascinated by these quirky bottles of soap with their strange writing and old fashioned charm. When looking at alternatives to my current products and my daughter’s, I discovered that as well as being made from organic and fairly traded ingredients, Dr Bronner’s uses recycled plastic for its packaging, comes in bulk sizes and also comes in one of my favourite scents – rose. I had to give it a try.

With the help of Pinterest I have found several uses for this amazing stuff:

  • A few drops (it’s very concentrated) make a lovely shower gel, the fragrance is great, it lasts and lasts and it doesn’t dry skin
  • Diluted 50/50 with water, it’s a perfect hand soap – you must dilute though or it will clog the pump, a tip is to add the water before the soap!
  • I add a squirt to the bath with a handful of salt (shown in the jar) for a really relaxing bath. I want to try the lavender one for added sleepiness factor
  • My daughter T also likes the smell so we use it in her bath and to refill her ‘Elsa’ showergel pump 🙂
  • A palmful with a handful of sea salt is a great replacement for body scrub in the shower
  • A few neat drops massaged into makeup brushes then rinsed cleans and disinfects them
  • I have also cleaned my teeth with it when I ran out of toothpaste
  • It’s great for handwashing delicate items as it seems to rinse much better than traditional laundry soap

Overall I feel like it’s been a good choice as I’ve reduced my product consumption, it’s cutting down the number of ingredients we are exposed to at home, and its concentrated nature means one of these big bottles really does last for months. There’s an unscented version I’ve been wondering about using with my own essential oil choice, this would also be great for babies or those sensitive to fragrance. I’m looking forward to trying more things with this lovely soap and would love to hear your suggestions as well!

(the ‘reduce’ in the post title is in reference to the 5’r’s of sustainability: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot.)

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