Little Green Steps

Why Little Green Steps?

I’ve been blogging for around ten years in one form or another, some of you may remember my weight loss and food blogs before I morphed into a food/mum/local life blogger with ‘Musings and Makings’. Ultimately I stopped writing due to some major personal circumstance changes, my concerns about my daughter T’s privacy as she gets older, develops her own identity and starts school and a feeling that there were lots of talented writers and photographers around here making a much better job of that kind of thing. I fell out of love with my own blog in the end, deregistered the domain and took over a year’s break from writing on the internet.

Wind forward to 2018 and I find myself really missing writing, participating in online community and being creative with words in my own particular way. I also found myself setting goals for the year to move more (and drive less), save money, and try to be more respectful of the natural world and our overburdened planet. In my twenties I was pretty keen on minimising my impact on the planet and used to drive people mad with eco friendly products, nagging folk to recycle and insisting on organic food, but due to a bit of burnout with it, cost, convenience and a feeling that unless I was ‘deep green’ and lived in a yurt growing all my own food I wouldn’t make a difference anyway, I’d let things slide.

However when I stop to think about our environment many issues still bother me deeply – the ethics and impact of cheap food production, the damage plastic causes to our environment or frankly the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ I and my daughter seem to accumulate and throw away, impacting both the planet and my own bank balance! I’m also a lot less ‘all or nothing’ than I used to be – I’m aware some will feel I am not trying hard enough, or that I’m falling victim to greenwash or don’t understand the full picture, but I am planning on educating myself, making a series of changes to mine and T’s life and documenting them on this blog. I’m a firm believer that even little steps are steps in the right direction – and I also want to parent in a ‘greener’ way and help channel my daughter’s love of nature into getting her on board with this lifestyle as she grows. Hence ‘Little Green Steps’ – I hope you enjoy reading, I hope you will share your tips and experiences, and I hope we all enjoy the journey!

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