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Reduce – Dr Bronner’s liquid soap

I love beauty, but a recent move to a smaller home has made me realise quite how much stuff I’d accumulated in pursuit of that interest. Multiple products, some of which with very similar ingredients, all packaged and transported round the world, some of it not ever finished or opened….a bit shocking for something that’s ultimately pretty frivolous. I pledged…

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Veggie January – or not quite

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen that I pledged to do a ‘Veggie January’, i.e. moving from my regular omnivorous diet to a vegetarian one for a month. I wanted to do this for a few reasons: Environmental resources: the reading I’ve done generally leads me to believe the amount of meat we eat is unsustainable,…

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Little Green Steps

Why Little Green Steps?

I’ve been blogging for around ten years in one form or another, some of you may remember my weight loss and food blogs before I morphed into a food/mum/local life blogger with ‘Musings and Makings’. Ultimately I stopped writing due to some major personal circumstance changes, my concerns about my daughter T’s privacy as she gets older, develops her own…

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